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Everybody ever read, hear, see, and tell something occur around us in daily life. As the human beings who live normally, we do our activities everyday. We never just quiet without do anything because we live in this world which full by things that we can do, see, hear, feel, and touch.

The examples are reading newspaper, watching television, seeing a movie, and listening to the radio. Connoly (1951: 1) states that we read because of hunger of information or amusement or solace, owning appetite for truth seems to grow by what it feed on men read to discover them selves and their world, to asses their special rules in the universe, to learn the meaning of the personal struggles in which they are engaged in other worlds, we want to share experience.
To study reading is very important as the student of English department, because there are many advantages from study reading. By reading, we will be able to increase our knowledge on culture. If we read every rule in written English from our country, we will know what our country is like. For instance read novel from another country, we will get more knowledge about the other country with Its culture. In English Department, we study English do not only master of grammar or vocabulary but also master the culture of the target language. If we do not know about the culture, we will get difficulties to understand to communicate with a native speaker. Although, we may learn about English words through the dictionary, we still need to learn the English culture, so the communication can be understood and avoid misunderstanding.
In this modern developing age, people are demanded to facilitate the development of their knowledge in any sectors in order to be able to answer any supplicated problems related to the progress of any modern development, especially in Indonesia.
In Indonesia as developing country puts the education problem as essential and dominant points, for examples by building ns schools, adding facilities, such as new scientific books served in libraries, laboratory equipments, etc.
In line with the development of education, our government also tries hard to improve their skills by having in – service training held by the government. Here, teachers are acknowledged with communicative approach.
Communicative approach in teaching learning process is encouraged not only structure but also in reading comprehension.
To get a good achievement for English subject, students need perseverance and patience in learning it since most students regard this subject difficult, especially in Reading Comprehension with communicative approach. In this case students are demanded to have a hobby in reading and practicing communicative. That is why the teachers’ help is absolutely needed to increase their achievement.
Based on the above statements, the writer held a research to know how far the ability of the eight year students of SMP Brawijaya kepung – Kediri after being taught with reading comprehension by using communicative approach through songs and game. The writer therefore chooses the little dealing with the method used in the subject above is Teaching Reading songs and games to the eight year students of SMP Brawijaya Kecamatan Kepung –Kabupaten  Kediri.

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Contoh Skripsi Bahasa Inggris

Background of The Study
English as an international language which has a significant role in the various fields of activities, and has wide influences in the world. As an international language English has been adopted as a compulsory subject in Indonesia. The ministry of National Education has decided that English as a first foreign language which has to be taught in Indonesia.
English is a foreign language in Indonesia that has been taught from Elementary School as a Local Content, and Junior High School until Senior High School as a compulsory subject, up to University. UU RI No. 20 Tahun 2003, Bab I, Pasal 1 ayat 19 “Kurikulum adalah seperangkat rencana dan pengaturan mengenai tujuan, isi, dan bahan pelajaran serta cara yang digunakan sebagai pedoman penyelenggaraan kegiatan pembelajaran untuk mencapai tujuan pendidikan tertentu” People realize that teaching English became very important now and needs much concern. In Learning English, there are four skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) and complements, they are: grammar, pronunciation, and Vocabulary for supporting the development of those skills. Besides the four skills, Grammar also should be mastered by students.
Grammar is needed even in communication, without the proper knowledge of grammar the students will find many problems to build up the sentences and express their idea for communication activities, but lf the grammar is good, they will be confident in speaking English with other people. According to Penny Ur, “there is no doubt that a knowledge-implicit of grammatical rule is essential for the mastery of language: you cannot use words unless you know how they should put together” Without the proper knowledge of the students grammar will find many problems to build up the sentences and express their idea for communication activities.
Now English is the most common language used throughout the world. A distinction is often made that depends on how the language is learned: as a native language (or mother tongue) or as a foreign language. English is as a foreign language in Indonesia. Nowadays, English is getting more and more important. It is used as a mean of communication and development of knowledge, technology, culture and art. Many schools in Indonesia, English is determined as a compulsory subject in national curriculum. The curriculum that progresses now what it is called A Kurikulum Tingkat Satuan Pendidikan (KTSP) or issued in 2006 curriculum. In this curriculum, grammar is one of the point in teaching learning English for junior high school. The grammar focus for the third year students in second semester is about the present prefect.
In this English curriculum of KTSP, each skill has Standar Kompetensi (SK) and Kompetensi Dasar (KD). Standar Kompetensi (SK) become the global explanation and Kompetensi Dasar (KD) as the specific explanation of Standar Kompetensi and Matery (pokok / Pembelajaran).
In this study, the writer explains Standar Kompetensi and Kompetensi Dasar in class IX of the second semester. Mendengarkan: SK 7.1 : Memahami makna dalam percakapan sederhana untuk berinteraksi dalam konteks kehidupan sehari-hari. KD 7.2 Merespon makna yang terdapat dalam percakapan pendek sederhana secara akurat, lancar, dan berterima untuk berinteraksi dalam konteks kehidupan sehari-hari yang melibatkan tindak tutur memberi berita yang menarik perhatian, dan memberi komentar terhadap berita. Materi pokok/ pembelajaran, percakapan memuat : ungkapan memberi berita yang menarik perhatian, contoh : guess what! I’ve got good news! (dalam tenses Present Perfect).
Actually, many beginner students have some difficulties in learning English language skills and English language complements. According to their opinion those skills and those components are not easy for them, such as the problem with their mother tongue or their native language which is differents from English language. These problems can be known from the result of the students’ achievements and the teacher evaluation. So the teacher role is very important to make the students be creative to solve their problems.
It can’t be denied that English is also as an important subject in educational curriculum and as one of the most influential languages in world.
This chapter contains the description of the theoretical framework of relevent theories concerning the study some difficulties faced by the students in learning present perfect tense.
Present Perfect Tense.
The Meaning of Present Prefect tense
Present perfect tense, in Oxford Learner’s Pocket Dictionary defined as verb which expresses an action done in a time period up to the present, formed in English with have/has and past participle.
Raymond Murphy said: “When we talk about a period of time that continues up to the present, we use the present perfect”.
From two definitions above, the writer concludes that present perfect tense can be defined as an action or evens occurred in the past which are completely finished but still have connection to the present or future.
The form of the Present Perfect Tense.
There are many tenses in English grammar; one of them is present perfect tense. Present perfect tense is important to learn by students because the students have to know the difference between the regular and irregular verbs. Some students confused between the use of simple past tense and present perfect tense. There are some definitions about present perfect tense such as follows:
A.J. Thomson and A.V. Martinet said: “the present perfect tense is formed with the present tense of have + the past participle”.
Present perfect tense is formed by using the auxiliary verb have/has and the present participle form of the main verb (have/has+ regular or irregular verb) and it’s commonly accompanied by definite time words such as since and for.
That definition has supported by Raymond Murphy, that said “we form the present perfect with has/have plus past participle. The past participle often ends in –ed (opened, decided) but many important verbs are irregular (lost, written, done, etc.)”

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